Giovanna Morais

The work that Attorney Krispin, along with Bella her sister, and the entire team does is just incredible. When I heard the information that Attorney Krispin passed on the radio about me having “the right to seek a better life” I was amazed, because unfortunately I and many other young people under 21, we never heard about these rights. But here I am to testify that yes, despite being incredible, today I have my documents and the opportunity to study, and to work and have a better life as I always dreamed. This dream came true through the love and dedication with which these women put into their work. You can place all your trust in this team, as they will welcome you and celebrate each step towards victory with you, as if you were part of the family. I am very grateful to God for having heard them on the radio for the first time, I am very grateful to this team and I hope that whoever is reading this, also have their dreams come true !!!