We would like to thank the entire team for the excellent work that was done in the area of ​​immigration in the cases of my wife, my mother, my son, my sister and also in my American citizenship! We always recommend Krispin Law! Translated by Google

Original in Portuguese

Gostaríamos de agradecer toda a equipe pelo excelente trabalho que foi feito na área da imigração nos casos da minha esposa, minha mãe, meu filho, minha irmã e tbm na minha cidadania americana! Recomendamos sempre o escritório Krispin Law !

– Robiano Aguiar, ★★★★★ Google Review, December 2023

I recommend Hannah because she is very professional, she is always on top of your case doing everything as the way is supposed to be, recollecting information and doing the best for your case , I did the Green card and citizenship with her and always very professional, kind and a good person.

– Silas Alves, ★★★★★ Google Review, December 2023

I had a great experience with Krispin Law's services, they are extremely professional! I highly recommend it! Fair price and easy payment. Hannah Krispin is an excellent lawyer! Counter to represent me as many times as necessary! Translated by Google

Original in Portuguese:

Eu tive uma ótima experiência com os serviços da Krispin Law, são extremamente profissionais! Eu super recomendo! Preço justo e facilidade de pagamento. Hannah Krispin é uma excelente advogada! Contraria para me representar quantas vezes forem necessárias!

– Karina Rosa, ★★★★★ Google Review, November 2023

From the first interview until we received the approval of our case we were always encouraged by Dr. Hanna's team, their commitment and dedication were essential, and while other lawyers said that our case had no solution they hugged us and helped us, I would like to thank everyone and especially the paralegal Ana Carolina who had a lot of patience and commitment to help us. Thank you all and you can be sure that we will always indicate you guys. God bless you Leonardo and Magaly

– Leonardo and Magaly, ★★★★★ Google Review, October 2023

I had the pleasure of working with my immigration lawyer, and I must say they did an excellent job. Their dedication and expertise in handling my immigration case were truly remarkable. I was consistently impressed by their professionalism and the great results they achieved. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking immigration services.

– Cesar Mororo, ★★★★★ Google Review, October 2023

(Translated by Google) The team is super prepared to serve and understand us. Dr. Hannah Krispin is an excellent attorney, from triage to the end of my process, she let me know everything that was happening at every step of the process. Anyway, I am very happy and satisfied with the result I got through this office.

– Girlandio Silva, ★★★★★ Google Review, August 2023
Great team! Always available to answer my questions and very very professional!!!!
– Iury Amorim, ★★★★★ Google Review, August 2023

(Translated by Google) The girls in this office are wonderful! In addition to a very competent service, they are also super fun and make us feel safe throughout the immigration process. Luana was always very attentive and always answered the various questions we had during the process very clearly and Melissa at the reception was also very attentive. In addition to Drs Hannah and Bela who were also wonderful for our process, finally with the Green Card in hand, my husband and I can say that we would use Krispin Law services a thousand times again if necessary. Thank you Krispin Law!

– Bruno Da Silva, ★★★★★ Google Review, August 2023

The best experience ever with such a brilliant attorney Hanna Krispin...! The office team Bella, Luana and Melissa are wonderful. Very strongly recommend this law firm. Fees are extremely reasonable.

– Amaury Bentes, ★★★★★ Google Review, August 2023

Everything was professionally handled. My family and I are forever grateful...

– Line A., ★★★★★ Google Review, July 2023

She is absolutely the best lawyer! Very reliable and honest. Her entire team is amazing. They always call and email back. I’m very grateful that they helped me with my case. Thank you!

– Luciana F., ★★★★★ Google Review, June 2023

(Translated by Google) Fantastic service, with great prudence, commitment and responsibility towards the customer.

Serviço fantástico, com muita prudência, compromisso e responsabilidade com o cliente.

– Lobitos B., ★★★★★ Google Review, May 2023

The most professional law firm! They made my case so easy and I don’t ever remember having to worry! They made everything stress free and are super efficient! The girls at the reception are the sweetest and are always very helpful when we call! Highly recommend them!

– Vanessa K., ★★★★★ Google Review, May 2023

I have been using Krispin Law services for 4 years already, and only have positive things to say! I have never had to worry about my case because of them. Highly recommend them!!!

– Taras K., ★★★★★ Google Review, May 2023

Krispin Law provided excellent services throughout my Greencard process. The knowledge, support and communication from attorney Hannah Krispin excelled my expectations.

The professionalism shown by the staff is exceptional and I highly recommend Krispin Law for your legal needs.

– Thomas B., ★★★★★ Google Review, May 2023

(Translated by Google) Service and monitoring of the entire process in an exemplary, efficient and humane way.
Guidance based on the firm's experience during the process was essential for the best decision to be made.
It is not just an immigration office, but qualified and dedicated people to make a difference in our lives.

Atendimento e acompanhamento de todo o processo de forma exemplar, eficiente e humanizada.
O direcionamento fundamentado na experiência do escritório durante o processo foi fundamental para a melhor decisão a ser tomada.
Não é apenas um escritório de imigração, mas sim, pessoas qualificadas e dedicadas para fazerem a diferença em nossas vidas.

– Oseias Guimarães Castro, ★★★★★ Google Review, March 2023

Hannah is amazing!! And Bella super awesome, the whole team actually! I have to mention beautiful assistant Ana Carolina!!! Always so kind and professional, practical and easy going. My experience with them was amazing, very fair pricewise! I really appreciate you guys and I totally recommend her services. Thank you again

– Mari Marilda

The team is extremely professional and qualified. We were very pleased and truly recommend it to everyone! Very capable and professional team. We were very pleased. We recommend it to everyone.

– Geila Hygino

I highly recommend it, 1,000 score in professionalism! I, Dinalda Medeiros and my husband Walter Medeiros are super happy with the work of the wonderful Krispin Law team. They worked on our entire immigration process with excellence from start to finish, with great dedication and competence! Thank you so very much

Congratulations to Attorney Krispin, Bella and the entire team. We are extremely happy, we have no words to thank you all enough. And I'm super happy… Words fail to thank!

Here at Krispin Law your success is guaranteed. Come here you too and have your dream come true, just like it happened to me!!! Your satisfaction with Krispin Law is guaranteed! You should join them and your dreams will come true, just like ours did. We love you all.

– Dinalda Almeida

The work that Attorney Krispin, along with Bella her sister, and the entire team does is just incredible. When I heard the information that Attorney Krispin passed on the radio about me having “the right to seek a better life” I was amazed, because unfortunately I and many other young people under 21, we never heard about these rights. But here I am to testify that yes, despite being incredible, today I have my documents and the opportunity to study, and to work and have a better life as I always dreamed. This dream came true through the love and dedication with which these women put into their work. You can place all your trust in this team, as they will welcome you and celebrate each step towards victory with you, as if you were part of the family. I am very grateful to God for having heard them on the radio for the first time, I am very grateful to this team and I hope that whoever is reading this, also have their dreams come true !!!

– Giovanna Morais

It is with great joy that I come today to thank Attorney Hannah Krispin and her entire team for the dedicated work over this 1 year and 5 months. It was trusting God first, then trusting Attorney Krispin’s competence, professionalism and her love for her work, that my daughter Giovanna today conquered her freedom to study, work and come and go anywhere in the world. Thank you! May God bless you and your entire team to continue bringing joy and freedom to people who believe in your work. The victory is ours!!!

– Rejane Morais

Attorney Krispin and her team were very considerate and thoughtful with me. They calmed me down and were honest and clear in everything. I am so grateful to God for putting this wonderful lawyer in my path.

– José Gomes

Attorney Krispin is fantastic. She is very attentive. She calmly listens to everything we have to say. Thank you for all your dedication assisting me. I thank God and you for making it possible to legally live in this blessed country. Thank you Attorney Hannah Krispin and the Krispin Law team.

– DB Cleaning

This is a team that speaks my language, they don’t only want to sign a contract. They first want to make sure that they can help me. They always worked with the truth, with respect, dedication, and knowledge which resulted in my case being approved. I cannot explain the peace of mind I have now after receiving my “green card”. I am grateful to the Krispin Law team, there’s nothing compares to you!

– Heloisa Silva de Araujo

Krispin law, thank you for providing such an amazing service! You are excellent professionals, honest, dedicated, hardworking and extremely responsible (serious).

– Katiane Gomes

Simply the BEST ATTORNEY in Massachusetts. Honest and with fair attorney’s fees. I truly recommend!

– José Gomez

Hannah Krispin is an EXCELLENT attorney. She’s honest, straightforward and humble. And she also assists the community providing guidance with her videos and “Live” interviews. I am forever grateful.

– Sueli Gomez

Amazing services, dedicated and high quality team of professionals. Thank you very much for the services provided.

– Nícolas Falcão

I am extremely grateful, first to God then to the entire Krispin Law team for all their hard work and dedication to my immigration case. I had no doubts or regrets through the entire process.

The team was professional, patient and understanding with me throughout the entire process. I would feel lost sometimes but they would hold me by the hand. They patiently explained to me everything that needed to be done, at every step of the case, in details! Today I am a legal resident thanks to YOU! Thank you, Krispin Law, I am extremely grateful! And not forgetting to mention that they speak your language, and have payment plans! I fully recommend!

– Sonya Ferreira

I follow your “Live” since the beginning of the year, I don’t miss it! You are so professional, competent, always helping the Brazilian community. You are trustworthy, kind and patient with the participants, not to mention how nice and charismatic you are!

Congratulations Attorney Krispin! Gratitute!

– Anne Keide

Attorney Krispin was extremely nice. She explained the entire process with patience and objectiveness. I am very thankful.

– Vinicius Vallejo

After two attorneys turned me down, Attorney Krispin was the only one who believed that our case was viable and our dream possible. She was, no doubt, the great leader and headmaster of our success, with a brilliant team! Thank you!

– Fausto Bento

I fully recommend! Attorney Krispin assisted me from start to finish, with success. Thank you!

– Juliano Bergo

I want to thank Attorney Krispin and the Krispin Law team. They provided excellent services throughout my entire process, grateful for their dedication and consideration. I recommend their services to everybody. Thank you Krispin Law!

– Drika Oliver

Great team, provided excellent services throughout my entire case, I fully recommend!!!

– Yuri Abner

Today is April 20, 2022, and I’ve just received my Green Card! I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you, for all your hard work and dedication throughout my entire case. I am forever grateful!

– Ronilton de Oliveira

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Krispin Law. They were knowledgeable, professional, responsive and extremely competent. I have dealt with many different lawyers in the past, but Krispin Law was the most professional by far. I highly recommend it.

– Gustavo Aguiar

Attorney Krispin and her entire team are perfect. My case was approved at the interview in Rio de Janeiro last month. Everything I did, I was guided by Attorney Krispin and her team. Everything was so correct and well done, extremely organized and well documented, that the interview was quick and easy. I am forever grateful to Attorney Krispin and her team for the precious guidance.

– Rosianny Nunes

Attorney Krispin is a wonderful person and professional. Her office was great with me and took care of my case. I am very happy with the services provided to me and my family on my process. I highly recommend Attorney Krispin's office for immigration cases.

– Maria Mendonca

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